This is where you will see our pricing for both 15 & 20 Yard Dumpsters.  All of our pricing includes 1 ton of debris (2000 pounds), delivery to and from the drop off point.  Why do we only include 1 ton when others include two tons?  Great question and here is the explanation.  The companies who tell you two tons is included, know that most 15 yard containers usually weigh under 4000 pounds, but charge you for 4000 pounds.  They know what the costs are and so do we which is why we only charge over 2000 pounds.  They have built in the cost of the "free additional weight" by charging more for the rental, but knowing they will never pay disposal fees on the additional weight amount.  Since we know most dumpsters are over a ton we include that in our rentals.  Because you only pay for weight over 2000 pounds, you're only paying for the actual stuff you put in, not an extra ton you wont ever get to.  We do it this way so you can keep your costs down, and we can be a more transparent company.  Below is the pricing for our 15 & 20 Yard Dumpsters:

15 Yard Dumpster Rental

$329 for the first day, only $10 a day after that.

20 Yard Dumpster Rental

$349 for the first day, only $10 a day after that

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Additional Weight over 2000 pounds is billed at 0.05 per pound.  Tires are $10 Each Additional.  $75 Dry Run Charge if dumpster is blocked in and cannot be picked up, over filled, or moved from original drop off point.  NO TV'S, NO PAINT, NO SOLVENTS, NO CONCRETE, NO DIRT, NO SOD, NO ROCKS OR STONE, NO AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS OF ANY KIND.  $200 SURCHARGE IS ADDED TO ALL DUMPSTERS WITH THESE INCLUDED TO COVER THE COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH DUMPING AND RELOADING YOUR DUMPSTER.    


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