Here is where you will find answers to most of the questions we get daily.  If you have something that cannot be answered here, please call the office and we will be happy to get it answered for you.  

1.  How much do dumpsters cost to rent?

     A.  Please refer to our pricing page for costs and explanation of costs.

2.  How much weight is included with the rental?

     A.  2000 Pounds included in all rental and additional weight is billed at .05 per pound.

3.  Can you take paint, TV's,  automotive fluids, propane tanks, gas containers, or fuel canisters?

     A.  No we cannot.  Special permits are needed for hauling these and we cannot haul them per DOT laws

4.  Where can I take things you don't take?

     A.  The Monroe County Eco Park located at 10 Avion Dr will take all of this at no charge to you on Saturday's with appointment.

5.  Is there any additional fees for same day delivery, or weekend delivery?

     A.  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  If you call before noon and we have the dumpster in stock, no fees for same day delivery are added.  Exceptional service shouldn't cost more, it should just be expected.

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How much is an extra day if I need the dumpster longer?

Additional days are only $10 extra. Monroe county only. Call us at 585-747-9342 to reserve yours now!
What if I need more than 1 dumpster?

A customer recently needed 7 dumpsters dropped and delivered the same day. They had a fork lift and were loading pallets with it. We were able to get it all done in one day, along with 3 other deliveries with zero issue. They tried other companies and no one could turn them around fast enough for them to finish in the time needed. That’s service. That's what we offer. Need more than 1? No problem!

Do you offer full service as well?

Yes!  Want us to load your dumpster for you?  That can be arranged!

Do you charge more on the weekend?

Does your dumpster company charge you extra for Saturday deliveries? If so come check us out. Never an additional charge for weekend deliveries, and we don’t charge rent on Sundays. Just a couple more reasons to switch to us. If you’re missing the old school customer service of service companies, come give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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